Agape Heritage Homes: The Best Elderly Care Home in Katy, Texas

Are you looking for a residential care home for your elderly loved one in Katy, Texas? Agape Heritage Homes is the perfect choice. Located in the Cinco Ranch area of Katy, Texas (77469 & 77450), our assisted living facilities provide seniors with a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. We understand that each resident has unique needs and preferences, and strive to create an environment that is secure and supportive while providing personalized attention and care. If you've determined that your loved one needs help from a home care provider, it may be time to have a difficult conversation. Home care is a great solution for older adults who have minimal medical needs but need extra help around the house.

You have several options to pay for services, such as the STAR+PLUS Medicaid exemption, the Community First Choice program, primary home care, and Texas community assistance services, which provide assistance to people who meet income requirements. Home health agencies charge the same monthly rate for medical services, such as medication management and physical therapy. Before starting to receive services, home care agencies conduct evaluations to assess your needs, understand your environment, and confirm that the agency can meet your needs. Caregiverlist offers the only referral service for older people with quality standards and a user survey to ensure that you are connected to the leading providers of care for the elderly in Katy, Texas. Home care makes aging at home much safer for older adults by providing them with practical help with daily tasks. Residential care homes are homes located in residential neighborhoods that are equipped, adapted, and staffed to serve a small number of residents, usually between two and 10. At Agape Heritage Homes we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the individual needs of each resident.

Our staff is highly trained and experienced in providing quality care for seniors. We provide 24-hour nursing care and assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and medication management. We also offer social activities and recreational programs designed to keep our residents engaged and active. Our goal is to ensure that each resident feels safe and respected while receiving the highest quality of care. If you're looking for an elderly care home in Katy, Texas that provides quality care and personalized attention for your loved one, look no further than Agape Heritage Homes.

Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing compassionate and professional care for all our residents.

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